Each album is handcrafted in our Pro labs warehouse, using their beautiful archival fine art paper.
The bambino is perfect for portrait photographers specialising in newborn and maternity photography, family photography or as a parent album for a wedding client.
Album pages are printed on 235gsm archival art papers imported from the United States (using genuine Canon pigment inks). We use an archival 200gsm white card between the pages to make them thicker and more durable (each page ends up approximately 635gsm). To create the block we use a specialised adhesive that are Pro Lab has used for decades and know stands the test of time. Many low cost albums use PVA glue or other cheap adhesives that risk delaminating in the long term.
* 10 Slim-pages with lay-flat layouts.
* Printing on high quality smooth fine art paper.
* Album Size: 5x3.5, 5x5, 5x7.5, 8x8, 9x6, 12x8, 10x10.
* Spreads: 10 spreads (20 pages)
* Album Covers: Uncoated Cloth, Coated Cloth, Leather Look, Textured Leather Look, Full Photo Cover Wrap, Recycled Kraft.
* Album Cover Embossing name or logo: Uncoated Cloth, Coated Cloth, Leather Look, Recycled Kraft

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