Each image is printed on a 10cm x 10cm x 2cm Lumi Tile, which is then fitted into a custom-designed, wall mounted grid. Even better, each tile is held in place with a magnet, allowing you to change, swap and create a new look whenever you want! You can also purchase tiles from a later shoots, allowing you to swap images in and out as your children or loved ones grow.
The grid is created using two layers of photo-grade acrylic (you can choose from red, black or white). You can contrast colours to create a style that suits the look and feel of your brand. The Lumi Grid is easily hung using hidden keyhole hangers precision-drilled into the back of each grid.
People who see the grid in person are blown away by the versatility and innovation. You will not be able to purchase anything similar from anyone else.
The Lumi Grid is available in three sizes:
1. Small size 1 x 3 tiles – 58.4cm x 30.9cm
2. Medium size 2 x 2 tiles – 48cm x 48cm
3. Large size 3 x 3 tiles – 71.5cm x 71.5cm
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